Level Lead

As the Level Lead for the Abandoned Abby I collaborated with one of our designers, Cord Carney, to sketch out the level, white-box (3d wire-frame) it, work on sight-lines, reveals, cover, back story, asset lists, mood and feel, play-tests, and more.

I made the large architectural structures while my team made the props, textures, lighting, skydome, fx, etc. This level was chosen to be our show-piece for E3 2010, so it required a lot of coordination with our Concept Art, Design, and Engineering teams.

In the Triad level below I again worked with Cord Carney to build a PVP map on top of a Hong Kong skyscraper and went from paper prototype to completion together. I made all the major architectural elements and worked on sight-lines, cover, prop placement, lighting, skydome, streaming, and more.