I helped bring HoloStudio from conception to shipping product. I was in charge of designing the core interaction mechanics, input model, and much of the UI. I created previz animations and storyboards to design and test interactions, and worked with our engineers on prototyping and implementation.

Users didn't always know where to look when HoloStudio needed their attention. Modal Dialogs work on PC's, but feel intrusive in MR/VR. I helped create our thought-bubble system to direct users where to look. I also added arrows in our tutorial thought-bubbles, giving a sense of direction so users knew where to go.

I designed our UI to be directly on the objects the UI effected. But sometimes our UI would get blocked by objects our users had placed. After numerous prototypes, we frosted the blocked UI, like frosted glass. This kept our UI directly on the objects they effected, rendered at the right depth, and visible at all angles.

I worked with our Art team on visual affordances, HoloStudio's layout, iconography, sound effects, and much more. To help inform these choices I observed and conducted hundreds of hours of user research.

I helped design the Creation Area where users make their creations, the core tools like Movement, Rotate, and Resize, and I worked on our modal dialog system, VUI system, the Intro Tutorial, and more.

I also designed the 3d printing, import, and export user-flows for getting content into and out of HoloStudio.