I Am Projected

    "I Am" was a collaboration between the Swedish poet Pär Thörn, Scott Meadows, Baris Serim, and myself. It started as an idea Pär had to make an Internet poem based on tweets starting with the phrase "I Am." We each created a different concept that turned these tweets into interactive experiences. My concept projected the tweets onto people in an interactive art installation.

    Using the Kinect, I wrote a motion tracking system (based on some code samples graciously provided by Ivar at Medea) so that individual tweets could follow peoples' silhouettes. Each time a person stood in front of the Kinect the next tweet starting with "I Am" got pined to their torso.

    The final art installation (April, 2011) had a huge wall mounted screen to project the imagery on so people could see themselves and the other visitors around them, all with unique "I Am's" pinned to their chests. You can see the "I Am" website concept by Scott Meadows here - www.iampoem.net